Over 100 videos from Karl's time with CBC Canada are available at his YouTube channel.

Below are several examples of the videos available.

Hon. Joseph R. Smallwood

Back in the very early 1980s, in his capacity as a CBC representative, Karl Wells was involved in organizing a fundraising telethon for what is now known as the Vera Perlin Society.

One of the guests booked for the telethon was the last living Father of Confederation, the Hon. Joseph R. Smallwood.

Karl Wells conducted the interview. Here’s a portion of the interview where Mr. Smallwood talks about his admiration for Vera Perlin (nee Crosbie), who was Newfoundland's greatest advocate for our brothers and sisters with intellectual disabilities. Please enjoy this tiny piece of broadcast history.

24 June 1997: HM Queen at Bonavista
Karl Wells with Janice Windsor

Despite the grey, damp, single digit weather in Bonavista on June 24, 1997, it was a spectacular day. The British built, seaworthy replica of John Cabot’s ship, Matthew, had arrived from Bristol, England and HM Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip were there to help celebrate Newfoundland & Labrador’s 500th anniversary. Karl Wells was there with the CBC contingent and was able to interview volunteer, Janice Windsor, who helped organize the special luncheon laid on for the Queen. Janice was also privileged to serve Her Majesty her meal. After Karl’s interview with Janice you’ll see some beautiful aerial shots of the Matthew’s arrival and other sights of that very special day.