Over 100 episodes of One Chef One Critic are available at Karl's YouTube channel.

Below are several examples of the episodes available.

In 2008 Karl Wells was asked to create a show for Rogers TV that he would co-produce and host. With the creative help of his Rogers TV co-producer, Krissy Holmes, they developed One Chef One Critic. Karl was the "critic" and Steve Watson was selected to be the "chef."

It ran for 10 consecutive seasons and became one of Rogers TV's all-time popular shows. The show had three main goals: to feature an interesting community guest, to make an interesting meal, and to profile an interesting local restaurant or chef.

Episode 29
Guest: Greg Malone
Dish: grilled tofu with vegetables and Turkish salad

In episode 29 One Chef One Critic welcomed guest, Greg Malone, for whom they made grilled tofu and vegetables and Turkish lentil salad. The restaurant, The Sprout, was featured. Andrea Maunder made an appearance as the episode’s wine expert. Karl and Steve visited the Boston International Seafood Show in Boston, Mass., U.S.A.

Episode 21
Her Honour Jane Crosbie, the Hon. John Crosbie, Jerome Smart and Andrew Facey

In episode 21 One Chef One Critic welcomed guest, Her Honour Jane Crosbie, for whom they made duck a l’orange. Karl and Steve made a visit to Government House to join Lt. Governor of Newfoundland and Labrador the Hon. John C. Crosbie and Mrs. Crosbie for appetizers and dessert. Karl and Steve also visited the below stairs kitchen to meet Government House chef, Jerome Smart. Andrew Facey made an appearance as the episode’s wine expert.